Project Proposal #2- Tanya Jain

The subject of my project is women. I want to show the transformation that occurs when a girl turns into a woman.

This proposes time as I’m trying to show the change that takes place within that duration. This can be experienced visually. What every girl feels is different and cannot be experienced by others in the same way. Showing it visually gives an insight as to what it looks like. This projects primarily focuses on women.

The reason I chose this topic is because women have always inspired me in all my work and I would like to continue doing the same. 

In order to show this, I want to photograph these changes visually to show a clear transformation. Using photography as my medium, I want to present portraits that represent these changes. In the video, I would like to show the process, somewhat like the behind the camera scenes of how I’ll be executing this. 

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  1. John Roach · April 26, 2014 Reply

    OK, so the trick here is ACCESS.|
    How do you get access to the people/images you need?

    Additionally I imagine that the images may communicate many other ideas than the ones you have planned. Will there be anything accompanying the images to give them context? If not, do you imagine that the images themselves will be enough to convey your idea and its relationship to time? This might be about quantity. Fewer images may say one thing, while more images may say something else.

    I think I could use a little more information about what kinds of visual information will signify the changes that you want to communicate.

  2. Tanya Jain · April 27, 2014 Reply

    I was wondering if I could photograph myself? Im not trying to show a big change, but for women in India, as soon as a girl is 18, marriage becomes the next big step, so I just want to show how going to college leads to marriage. I want to include text with it, but I’m still not sure about that as yet.

    I was thinking about 5 images, each showing a different expression, supported by text so that its easier for the viewer to understand.

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