POV in Time Script

It’s about taking it in more than thinking, or processing.

The idea of new New York, new for you, new for me, new for him.

New York may be what you make of it, but only after it’s told you what you want

You’re looking around because you have no idea where you are

Looking around because everything is fascinating

New New York is captivating in probably much the same way as an extramarital affair –

The way it enchants, disrupts your life, turns out all the drawers

A reprise from where you came from, that old crone of a hometown you’re sick of

With those people who all seem to look the same, talk the same, live the same

But in keeping with the adulterous tradition, New New York is subversive, seductive, elusive –

Because New New York soon becomes just New York,

And soon after that, Old New York


That used to be away from a home, towards a future

Now it’s towards home, and maybe it’s still towards a future

But it’s a different future, colored inexplicably by experiences

With people who I didn’t know, streets that I hadn’t yet met

Someone told me, back in August, back in that 11th street

“You’re a New Yorker when you remember something as it was

Rather than how it is”

I remember the unfinished wiry sinews of the freedom tower [point south], taunting the sky

The scaffolding around Rite-Aid, the homeless people who lived underneath it

In a sort of disenchanted adult sleepover – fort included

The chicken and waffles that went out of business because – well it was probably a drug front anyways

I don’t really feel like a New Yorker though

Probably because that’s an uninspired aphorism anyways

I feel more like an interloper

Established, somewhat knowledgeable, but not a part of it

Separate – and tenuously so

Like at any moment if anyone wanted they could call me out –

“This man is a fraud!” or maybe they’d make a citizen’s arrest

For some unspoken trespass, unwitting breach of contract that

I don’t ever remember signing


Perhaps the surest sign of a truly incredible thing

Is its ability to surprise you, to play that card-up-its-sleeve that you thought you accounted for

But that you, of course, couldn’t account for –

Its ability to transform itself in an instant

From something mundane into something extraordinary,

Without ever changing anything at all

Sidelining any need for you to make like you belong there

It becomes again about taking it in –

And you realize again that you really don’t know anything about New York


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