Final Project 3 (Complete)


Fabric Used : Cotton Sateen (Shirt) / Oil Cloth (Cosmetic Bag)

IMG_9112 IMG_9113 IMG_9114 IMG_9115 IMG_9116




Material : Oil Cloth

Attachments : Zipper / Hook and Eye

Zipper Process: The bag was folded 5/8 inch on the edges and taped down. Next, i pinned and basted the zipper on both sides over the fold. Lastly, i machine sewed the zipper to the bag.

IMG_9117 IMG_9118 IMG_9119 IMG_9120 IMG_9121



Pull out round tank top. The tank top is sewn to the bag at the bottom edge of the bag (right near zipper) and at the halfway point on the bag.

IMG_9122 IMG_9123 IMG_9124 IMG_9125



Bag folds at halfway point to flip inside out. The hook on one side clips to the eye attachment so it stays pinned down behind the shirt.

IMG_9126 IMG_9127 IMG_9128


Material : Cotton Sateen

Process : Cut out pattern onto fabric and stitched it together using my machine.


Step 1: Unhook bag and open it up on the back side of the shirt

IMG_9130 IMG_9131 IMG_9133 IMG_9134 IMG_9135

IMG_9136 IMG_9137 IMG_9138


Step 2 : Notice the light green stitches on the garment. These indicate the proper fold lines so the shirt doesn’t wrinkle.

Step 3: Fold the sides of the garment in

Step 4 and on : Continue folding the green lines. Lines are featured on front and back so when you fold one side, the next fold indicator will appear.

IMG_9139 IMG_9141 IMG_9140



Close the bag and zip it up! Shirt is completely contained in a lightweight and easy to store cosmetic bag!

IMG_9143 IMG_9145

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and play is a lifelong challenge that begins from the delicate time of childhood. Discipline, hard work and success are best complimented by play, laughter and friendship. As a Fashion Design major with a focus in childrenswear, I have discovered that my smartest ideas have spawned from my silliest moments. Living in New York City has given me endless opportunities to seek adventure and fun. I take those experiences into the studio at Parsons School of Design and try to create something new and exciting. I design garments that are multi-functional for a child. Rompers that double as sports practice attire, or dresses that double as art smocks are garments that encourage children to succeed in their areas of interest, while providing functionality for their busy schedules. Recently, I took this concept a step further and began to design school attire that incorporates crafty features that allow children to play with their clothes. Tops you can paint on, vests you can weave together, and jackets with patches you can take on and off give a child a fun activity that allows them to express themselves. Using classic silhouettes and clean lines, combined with non-traditional materials and bold color pops, I try to give recognizable staple pieces something new and unique. I don’t research ideas; I let them come to me naturally. I often go to toy stores, playgrounds, and bookstores and let my inner child run free. Usually, I will stumble across something that sparks a new idea. Next, I begin to design. My 2D designs are guided by my 3D discoveries. I can’t draw a garment until I know how and if it will work. To begin, I create tons of swatches to test combinations of fabrics and attachments. Next, I test different crafts and transformative ideas. Once I know what works, I begin to draw my designs in Illustrator. I use simple silhouettes, which serve as a canvas for the more intricate features. The challenge is to create something that is simple, smart, and durable, while still appearing chic and stylish. In a society where kids are pressured with increasingly heavier loads of homework and unrealistic standards for success, it is very difficult for so many to find a healthy balance between work and play, which is crucial. If I could create something that gives them the ability to play and boost their confidence, then I would feel like I made a difference. Going forward, I will continue to build on this concept and expand my knowledge of craft and wearable tech. Working more directly with children during my process will allow me to connect with their ideas and opinions. In order to design for a kid, sometimes I have to think like one. One day, I hope to start my own line and share my vision with the world. I believe everyone should spend their lives smiling, not stressing. As Mary Poppins said, “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun and the job’s a game!”

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