Primal Smocking Garment

    The first step in this project was to study the tensions of the body in different poses, I chose 2 squatting positions that reminded me of a caveman.

Space and Materiality Project 1: Sacred Space

            These images are some of the concept sketches I had for my sacred space. I have a strong personal attachment to being in the

Smocking Presentation

Maripol/Greer Lankton Collaboration Project

This skirt and top combo was made as a part of project combining the aesthetics of the downtown 500 artists: Maripol, and Greer Lankton. In this project we were first

Annotated Bibliography

Decaudin, Philippe, Dan Julius, Jamie Wither, Laurence Boissieux, Alla Sheffer, and Marie‐Paule Cani. “Virtual Garments: A Fully Geometric Approach for Clothing Design.” Computer Graphics Forum. December 07, 2006. Accessed March

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