Primal Smocking Garment



The first step in this project was to study the tensions of the body in different poses, I chose 2 squatting positions that reminded me of a caveman. Throughout the rest of the project I focused on retaining a primal/aggressive aesthetic.





I began to experiment and develop my smocking pattern, attempting to illustrate the tension in the human body as it was posed in my images. I wanted my garment to have a certain impact to it, similar to the impact of a caveman/apes fist on the ground.



To begin my final garment I started to combine different smocking patterns which started to curve my fabric. I felt that my smoking experimentation fit on to the shoulder in an attractive way, so I decided to make a identical piece for the other shoulder. While I was in the process of smocking I began experimenting with adding some color to support the primal/aggressive aesthetic I set out with, and I came up with a technique of rubbing tan graphite onto my piece, which gave it a look as though a caveman or other primate had dug it up from the dirt.




Alongside my smocking work, I had been working on 3d modeling a clasp to hold my garment onto the body. I wanted my clasp to look as though it had been carved out of a rock, so I took a basic hook mechanism made by 2 torus and pinched and pulled on the surface to yield an aggressive/energetic look 

After I finished my 2nd smocking piece I placed both pieces onto the dressform, but the initial shape that it came out as seemed baroque and disimilar to my original aesthetic, so I moved the piece around on the forms shoulders until I found my final shape.




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