Maripol Artist Journal Entry

My name is Maripol. I was raised in France and  I studied at École des Beaux-Arts in Nantes. I didn’t come to New York until I was 20 years old.

Drawing and Imaging Painting Project

For this assignment we were tasked with painting 5 different abstractions of an Ideogram that we made in class. Some of the things that we were meant to focus on

Shot Lists

These images show an important tool – the shot list- which I use to organize my thoughts about a potential film in pre production. I have found that even though

Stills from “Parfum”

These images are stills from a short film my group members and I made for my “Fake” studio class. This project was supposed to be inspired by the French New

Stills from experimental film “NailBiter”

  These images are shots from my film “NailBiter” which is an autobiographical depiction of my artistic process. The film follows a character that finds and swallows several nails and

Flip Book

FlipBook (1)-22erkg5

Response to Alfred Shuetz’s “The Stranger”

One problem solving recipe that I use in everyday life is my fidget spinner. I am easily distracted and the fidget spinner is a very effective tool that I utilize

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