Studio LP7. Fur headdress

My jewelry project is a set of headdress that composed by six hairpins  , inspired by a Qing dynasty golden headdress that I saw at the met museum. My fur headdress is made by the fur that i cut from my kitten.


There is a story behind my project. Last week me and my roommate was giving a grooming to my kitten juju by ourselves , but my roommate accidentally cut juju’s skin so we had to go to the emergency pet hospital. During that night I realized that how important juju to me. Even though we didn’t grooming Juju successfully but I kept the fur that we cut off and decided to make my studio bridge 2 by that fur.

After I got those fur, I started to do some experiments with different materials that i have.  I did The first sample by fur, rubber and watercolor, and glue them to  together  by hot glue gun. After that, i found out another better method to play with the fur—wool felt.


I will keep posting and adding my reflection later.