Studio LP2


The construction part of my Bridge 1 

Firstly I used a seam ripper to cut all the thread and seam on both of my garments. Then I took them apart and traced them on pattern paper.

After I got all my patterns, I placed them on my second garments and cut them out with seam allowance.



Studio LP1

The process of deconstruction

In the studio class we are signed in group of two to deconstruct our garments. One of my garments is a crop that I bought from Brandy Melville. I bought it last summer and I love the blue flower pattern that printed on the fabric

The fabric of this garment is cotton.    It is so soft and comfortable when it touch my skin.


The second garment that I choose is a skirt. The skirt is made by a piece of dark blue flax, it breathes. I forgot where did I get it and there was no brand tag on it.

Flax always gives me a sense of nature. I like to wear the skirt in sunny summer day.

(I’m sorry that there is no picture for the second garment.)



Studio LP11

Construction week 2

During this week I finished two big garments of my design, the corset and the skirt. It takes me two days to made the corset. The corset is composed by four parts, two front pieces and two back pieces. There is  one fake shirt collar on the front and one fake suit collar on the back. The unusual part of my design is all of my darts are facing to the outside. It made my sewing part very difficult.

Studio LP12

Construction week 3


This is the last week of the construction part of Bridge 4, I already finished all the sewing part so I just need to put my zipper and buttons on.


I redid the buttons on corset for several times, because the directions of the buttons are confusing.   I finished all the construction part at 3am  in the morning but the results are great.


The inside view of my zipper

The outside view of my zipper

The buttons on the corset.

Studio LP4

Group Jewelry Work


  • In the class Me and Kangqi made two pieces of earrings by the limited material and in the limited time. The material we got are paper, wires, and watercolor. We decided to make earrings because it is small because we didn’t have that much materials. I made the structure of both earrings and Kangqi made the pendant. We collaborated perfectly, and finished it in time.
  • For me, jewelry  don’t need be expensive but it has to be meaningful.
  • In Bridge, I want to make something that is not very common in our daily life. Necklace, earring and ring are common, but headdress, wearable jewelry, body piercing jewelry are not that common, so I want to make something like that.






There are two fashion pieces that I saw in the FIT museum. The first one is a red body shaped modern corset . This corset is from Issey Miyake, a designer brand from JAPAN. It is made of bustier and red molded plastic in 1983. The second piece is black velvet evening dress from YSL.  In the exhibit, the model is wearing this dress and walk out of the grave which creates a feeling of death.


Both of the  two pieces draw the outline of the female body shape, so they are tight and looks very elegant. Furthermore, these two fashion pieces all shows a different kinds of beauty of female, it express the power of woman and the dangerous of  sexy. In addition to the semiliarites, the  choice of materials of there two design are different. For the red corset, the designer uses a unusual material which is plaster. Even though it is plaster, but it also shows the soft curve of women body.  Black velvet is the fabric for the YSL dress,  velvet is a expensive and luxury fabric. It is soft and comfortable but designer also creates a dangerous feeling.

Studio LP8 Frida Kahlo



We visited Brooklyn Museum for the Frida Kahlo exhibit on March 3. This exhibit includes the art works, her jewelry pieces, and all the wearable pieces of her.

My sketches of the three art pieces that I chose.


The first piece is a necklace that assembled by Frida.The stones were from a grave in Mexico during 250-900 CE. I first noticed this object because the material is very unique. The size is big and color is a very beautiful green. The stone in the middle looks like a shape of hand. I image the picture Frida Kahlo wear it during a non-work day for party or dinner. This piece refers the nation of beauty during that time is close to the nature. Nature color, nature materials, and nature shape.


The second piece is a woven cloth bag that made by Edward Weston. This bad is made in Mexico during 1926, and it made of gelatin  and silver print. I noticed the embroidery of the bag. It is very colorful and bright. I guess Frida used it to match her colorful  dresses. Because this bad is handmade so  it show that handmade objects shows the nation of beauty in Mexico.


The third piece is a dress that belong to Frida. I noticed this dress because of its color, the green top and violet dress remind me of the use of color in GUCCI. I think Frida usually wear it in daily life. This dress shows that Mexican and Frida herself prefers colorful clothes than monotone color.



Fashion object:Lace headdress and skirt

Date: before 1954

Creator: Juchian

Materia: Lace, cotton, ribbon

My first impression about this dress is wedding. Because this dress is so dreamy and pretty, and it includes headdress that often used in wedding.  In the picture on the right, Frida wears the same headdress. This painting is painted by Frida Kahlo in 1943. In this self portrait, Frida painted his husband on her forehead, with the lace and flower pattern on the headdress, it shows a feeling of love. The painting could only shows the headdress, and the style of the headdress is unusual so I was confused about what is around her head until i saw the actual dress.


My reflection

I like this exhibit because it shows all her life to us. Not only the paintings that painted by Frida, this exhibit includes her personal stuffs, such as jewelry,  bags and clothes. Those things helped me to know the artist better. Moreover, when I saw the connection between those stuffs and her painting,  I felt the thoughts and feeling of Frida, I kind of kewn why Frida includes those elements in her works. In addition,  the medical corset  impressed me a lot. It remind me that Frida is not a normal woman, she experienced a terrible accident that changed her life. But the colorful painting and drawing on the corset still shows her love to this world.

Studio LP10

The first week of construction

The three garments of my design are a corset, sleeves and a skirt. For the first week of my construction, I made my muslin pattern and sew them together. My artist is Salvador Dali, and my design is inspired by his fashion style. Salvador Dali loves suits, so I included many suit elements in my design. The process of making my muslin pattern was the most difficult part of my design process. I used a size 6 mannequin which is a little bigger than me, so I had to fix the clothes that suit my body. Spending more time in the step means saving time for later steps.