There are two fashion pieces that I saw in the FIT museum. The first one is a red body shaped modern corset . This corset is from Issey Miyake, a designer brand from JAPAN. It is made of bustier and red molded plastic in 1983. The second piece is black velvet evening dress from YSL.  In the exhibit, the model is wearing this dress and walk out of the grave which creates a feeling of death.


Both of the  two pieces draw the outline of the female body shape, so they are tight and looks very elegant. Furthermore, these two fashion pieces all shows a different kinds of beauty of female, it express the power of woman and the dangerous of  sexy. In addition to the semiliarites, the  choice of materials of there two design are different. For the red corset, the designer uses a unusual material which is plaster. Even though it is plaster, but it also shows the soft curve of women body.  Black velvet is the fabric for the YSL dress,  velvet is a expensive and luxury fabric. It is soft and comfortable but designer also creates a dangerous feeling.

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