Studio LP13





Wearable views



Firstly, I drew the shape of my design piece by piece on the pattern paper, and then cut it on muslin. Then  I putted muslin garments on the mannequin to fit the shape of women body and to create the design details that I want.

Pattern making is the most difficult steps for me in the design process. To make the corset fit my body, I fixed the size for three times . 



My original idea is to show suit—-the most recognizable fashion piece of Dali—-in a female vision.  Suit of Dali is as famous as white vest of Picasso. He wears different kinds of suit, velvet suit, silk suit,  leopard print suit,  and so on. In Seminar2, I discussed the social, culture and psychological motivation of why Dali was so obsessed with suit. So in Studio class, I combined the element of suits with the painting of Dali.                                                             


From the picture we can see my inspiration is is a red umbrella, so I chose a waterproof fabric to make my clothes. The fabric that I chose is the material for raincoat,  even though this is not a common fabric in daily life but I think this is the perfect fabric for what I want to do. I even tried to make a umbrella under my skirt but it didn’t work. To fix that, I decided to back to my paper pattern and cut the shape of umbrella. That’s why there is a curve on the side of my skirt. I learned a lot from the project. Firstly, I experienced the whole process of making clothes. Inspiration , Pattern making , fabric and sewing. I learned that spending more time on the previous steps is to save my time in the following steps. A accurate and clear pattern is the keystone for the final.


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