High Line Assignment

I went to high line last week in a sunny day.  I’m very familiar with high line park cause I had been lived on 10th Avenue for two years. But recently, i got the information that 10th Avenue was called “Death Avenue”. 540 people dead during 1920s. Then the government moved the rail road from the ground to a upper level. That was the beginning of high line.

I often walk on high line cause it was the only place near to my previous apartment that full of green. High line is always very crowded,  but i have to say it is a good place to chill out and take a breath.

Obviously, high line is a human-made park, just like Central Park. Human’s trails are very where. There are sculptures, travelers, lawn and flowers that planted in lines. When I saw this things, i thought it was an excellent idea made by human that transformed the old rail road to a beautiful park, but the truth is that after this road was abandoned by human, glass and flowers grew by themselves and then, human came up to the idea of high line park.

Human’s behavior had always been the reason of environmental problems, removing human must be the most effective method to make the environment better, high line is a example. But can we really do that? I’m sure we can’t cause we re sharing the same space and natural.