Lab-Systems Week 3 Reading Response

Science fictions have been a great source of inspiration for the development of technology in the real world, because they are not restricted by the technological capacity at the moment in order to create concepts or directions for future. We often find out that the technology that has appeared in a sic-fi movie a decade ago, turns out to be ubiquitous in the present time. The most well-known example will be the gesture-based data input devices in Minority Report has entered our life as different interpretations, such as Kinect, Leap Motion, and G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment, interestingly, created by the movie’s technology consultant, user interface designer John Underkoffler. However, the concept of intuitive design was actually proposed much earlier. In the 1980s, Mark Weiser proposed the idea of ubiquitous computing. In his theory, technology devices would start to disappear in our life and the interaction of technology and us will be intuitive.

Another fascinating point in the article is sound as user interface. Indeed, sound has many advantages compared with visual. An obvious example is the trailer of Until The End of World, in which music plays a vital role of rendering emotions and atmosphere. Usually when we think of sound interface, we will think about speech recognition like Siri. However, the potential of sound interface is much beyond actual words. Designers should explore the functions and influences of sound in experimental approaches.


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