Xbee Group Project


Group members: Adam, Caio, Nico, Yumeng

There were all sorts of problems with the Xbee. Didn’t want to complain about this project, but with the same code, same wiring, same setting, sometimes xBee works and sometimes it doesn’t receive anything. We really had no idea. Fortunately, although the process was tedious, we kind of got it to work.

When I press my button, my green LED lights up for half a second, and meanwhile, Nico’s red LED on her Xbee lights up, which indicates that she receives something. Vice versa. We could send the potentiometer’s value to each other on Saturday, but never succeeded on Sunday. Same for the Red LED, for which the brightness was controlled by my peer’s potentiometer value. In the code, we created two functions to handle transmitting and receiving respectively. The “broadcast()” function transmits each member’s pot value, while the “serialCheck()” function, which we take from the XbeeThief file, checks if the message we are receiving is started with one of the member’s names, so that we are able to filter out other groups’ messages, since we happened to work the same time on D12.

We didn’t get the chance to record a video when it was fully functional. But here is an early test video, which might be useless.

And here is the diagram of our circuit.


Finally, here’s the code on GitHub. Thanks Marco for helping with the code. We went through a few versions and I just committed them all at once, since we kept each version in a separate file stead of committing one file for multiple times.

Xbee Code – Github


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