Raspberry Pi Express Server

Team: Caio, Yumeng

Keywords: RFduino (inputs), RFduino – Raspberry Pi, Express Server, Socket.io

How it works:

One RFduino (device) is connected to two physical inputs: a button and an ultrasonic distance sensor. The other RFduino (host) is connected to the GPIO  on the Raspberry Pi, which works as a web server. There is a folder called “cy” on the Pi’s desktop that contains the files for both server side and client side. When we run app.js, the server is opened. Data are transferred from the server to the client through Socket. When you go to the url (or something like this), you can visit our website “Caio and Yumeng’s Confidential Surveillance Site”. On our website, there is a yellow circular button and an orange bar. The yellow button turns to green when the physical button on RFduino is pressed and a picture is taken. The length of the orange bar reflects on the distance data from the ultrasonic distance sensor; the closer an object approaches, the longer the bar will be. Above these two graphical elements, there is an image. Every time when the orange bar reaches its full length, the page will automatically refresh and display the latest picture.

server   interesting

Here is a video demonstration.


People like to look for or stare at security cameras in different places such as elevators or grocery stores. I want to make a security camera interaction  There will be a display next to a security camera showing the images/videos that it captures. People will be curious to look at the camera and the display to see what is on there. Then, there is a distance sensor next to the camera that detects how close people are approaching the camera. The closer they are (more curious they are), the smaller the size of the displayed images/video will be. So, if someone stands very close to the camera to see what is on the display, the images/video will become very small that the person will not be able to see the content.


Here is the code on GitHub.

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