Digging Deeper Into Your Taxonomy (bridge 3 part II)

What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find? I visited the medical library and medical stores. I found many related photos, charts, experiments on diabetes and baldness. In the medical store, I found tools for looking at cellular structures and other related tools. How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited […]

Bridge II (7 diptychs)

  I started by collaging and painting with materials, I was interested to present emotion, identity and personality with color blocks and some elements that could represent emotions, I started with painting organs on newspaper because I think the shape is really interesting an also, organs are also something like cells, in human bodies and […]

20 questions (studio)

Diabetes genes & baldness genes   Does the gene of a particular object/ symptom looks exactly the same? Or is there any slightly differences? If both of the grandfathers of a grandson are bald, what is the approximate percentage of the grandson being bald in the future? If both of the grandfathers of a grandson […]

Bridge 2- Final Reflection Post

   What is your topic and how has it evolved/changed after all the diptychs you’ve created? My topic is identity (emotion- cellular structure). It first started with Identity (emotion)      and continue on to cellular structure which I am really interested in. What materials did you explore that were the most successful at supporting your topic? […]