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What’s the truth of moral?

Moral is subjective and also objective at the same time, because sometime people make their own decision is based on moral, but sometime moral force people’s life becoming following the rules. We do not have decision for our own life.

evidence: For example, according by research every one of us’ characteristics will not change at our whole life, but in fact it is not. In people’s whole life their personality are changing all the time. The only way to cause that is the society’s affection, the moral’s affection. We lost the real us in the society, the true self is lost in this society because if someone do something that not follow the rules will make society angry make other people angry. We use our own definition to define kind. Anyway when someone do something that make you agree with him in your heart will make you think this guy might be really kind.The most hard thing in the world is be honest to yourself.

Research way is going to watch lots of videos and search lot of examples from library.

Significance of research.

1980 ,there is a great example about that, the evangelical priest Christine Pierre Pierpon traveled around the world. He claims that homosexuality is a sin and also teaches ways to curb homosexual desires. This is also a deep spiritual search for himself. As a person with homosexual tendencies, he himself is deeply afflicted by this desire. He pursued his soul salvation in a way that eliminated the desires of others, and he publicly acknowledged that this was a contradiction.

Moral is a kind of rule that a group of people make it for lots of people. It’s the society’s rules to make people stay with each other more peaceful. When people to look at other people, they will use moral as the criterion to judge this man is good or bad. It show human are society species.


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