WHY? WHAT? HOW? of the final productions


  • What: Those pictures are including my lobby, my selfie, every daily walking people on the street. This is about the understanding of my time every morning in my lobby. Every time I will think a lot about the emotion and some life stuff in my head. Some philosophy questions will come out to my head. This is a picture that shows my emotion and my thought for this space and this period of time. I am using my way to express my feeling and my thoughts in this space.
  • Why: Every day When I need to go out, I will stay in my lobby for some minutes. I repeat this action every day and I think this time period and this space is special to me. I am an observer in this street. People are boring walking to work every day. I am also kind of boring stay at my apartment every day. Every time I am waiting for my uber or taxi. I will take a few minutes to observe those people who walk on this street. I will think about some questions like why are those people walking so fast, why some of them walking so slow? Are they repeating their same day again and again? Am I repeating my day? What’s one day means to our life?
  • How: I use the front sight of my apartment as a base. And I using my face and eye to show I am observing this world really seriously. I take some pictures of some people to walk in front of my apartment. I also add some charges on the top of the front door. It represents my apartment is a place to charge myself to fill on energy and battery. Also shows I am enjoying the moment that I stand on the lobby observing, the process that I think the world thinks the time makes me full of energy. 

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