basketball film



It was just a normal day in New York City, I was busy on my daily work, with my laptop, suddenly I fell into sleep. It is a Dream: When I was in high school, I play basketball every day in my school with my friend. Back then I love basketball, watch NBA game with my friend every night, Basketball was my everything at high school. All the memories come up to my mind. I feel I should make some change。 So I waked up. Right now I am at college in New York Manhattan. There is too much thing going on in the city. It made me start to forget to lose more and more passion for basketball. My body is getting fat, my health is going down. My life becoming new York life, unhealthy life. Playing a video game, eat snacks and sleep a lot, using lots of computers. Even life is better, the apartment is better but my heart is becoming empty.

I hear my friend knock on my door. He passes me the ball, I decide to find the passion back on the court.


I used a lot of close-ups to express the emotions of the picture, and there are also many long shots to let the audience feel the charm of the scene.  The lens of the basketball, the lens of the running, the lens of the eyes, the lens that touches the high, and the various details that can touch the heart.  Use these details to let the audience feel the emotions I want to express. My love for basketball, my thoughts about the past, and the tiredness of my life are in these pictures.  And I use black and white to distinguish between the present and the past, memories.


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