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My favorite architecture is my grandmother’s kitchen, which is a kitchen that is a single building. it has big scales like big fireplace, big table, large scale chair. High roof, the old bean is holding the whole building. I remember the air smells nasty. By the way, that kitchen is an individual house that sperate to where my grandparent lives. There is no electricity in that house. Cook by fire, light my candle, but it has a great memory in my old childhood. Especially during the spring festival, this building is able to contain 20 more peoples in this place. It’s a kitchen and a dining place combined together. The dog always can finish the dishes we can not finish. The old glass window is aged and dirty, sunlight gets in the building through those couple glass window becoming unique light in my memory, every furniture is aged and old, but good quality made by my grandfather. This is the architecture and interior make me into this area of study. I think a nice space design is not just the design but also another most important half is the people who live in this space. No matter how good this space is, if the people who live there do not understand or use the space nicely, this space is just like a dead body do not have a soul. That space has my best memory in there, the reason it has all the large scale is this building is design to contain lots of people for the festival. kid and dog have enough space to run and play, elders has a big space to have a nice meal with lots of families or friends.




William Morris is a great artist, he always keeps his own thought about the craftsmanship and the beauty of the art. I think now on, there are lots of people who start to buy artwork made by industry, because of the cheap price and the

good quality. However I still think handcraft made the best expensive value work in the world because it is unique, every piece of artwork is unique because of man-made. Another hand I think there is no wrong with industry

produce artwork because it a more efficient but the most important thing that keeps the craftmanship is paid a lot more attention to the design part. That is a great advantage of technology develops, there is no wrong with man-made

art but follow the century develop we need to fit ourselves into this best place.  Finally, at Morris’s insistence, the company’s partners left the company, the company changed its name to Morris and continued to produce and sell the

various handicraft designs that Morris insisted on. Morris is a great example if the world can not do what he wants, then he does it by himself to keep the last bottom line of craft art. I am so touched by his decision for his whole life.

Put myself on his shoe, I do not know how much courage I would have to do things like him.



With the word neoclassicism, Gaudi is one of the most successful architects has combined the style of old and new and created something that was unique and stunning back in the nineteenth century in Spain. 

Catalonia, which is located in the northeastern part of Spain used architecture as a tool of expression to convey their emotions towards the oppressive central government. Within the same country, Madrid and Barcelona still obtained the Gothic style as it was reinforced by political connotations of a constant campaign for Catalan autonomy.


Casa Milà has a rough shape of a figure 8-two asymmetrical sections ranged round two small, shaft-like, concrete-floored courtyards. Casa Milà was built from 1905 to 1910, the facade which is Spanish, of the Casa Mila is described as wave breaking; the entire structure has been called an immense sculpture. However, the citizens of Barcelona would rather call it the house of stones. It is built of sandstone, concrete, and majolica with ironwork draped on its bulging balconies.



For futurism, we have a really good thing good storage of traditional stuff from history. 4000 years of history gives us a lot. I agree that we can progress with the future and keep looking forward but I think that keeps looking back what people have done with their wisdom and learn from them. I think we need to keep respect with the ancient and traditional stuff. They said they think we just need to forget past and keep going forward. Technology is developing and we are going so fast, one way we can go fast but another way we also need to think back. Respect for the things people done, and also keep experiencing a new world and new ideas. 

Even generation is getting better and better. However the 4000 years of history is really important. Once we lose some of the knowledges we can not go back and doing our civilization again. Every piece of today can not live without what human has done 4000years ago.



why people do not accept urban at that time?

what is the effect of Doxiadis design?

does America’s freedom affect the design style?

what is organic architecture?

what is the real morden?

should the city build by plan or not?

Are the country and city equal?

what can the railroad make the country decided?



What is human scale? Human function? Those are two really important question. I love those articles and the point those text made is such a right idea I think. First at all, Human scale is a important thing to think about when we doing design because this world is made by human most part. We should think about human scale all the time when we design stuff and especially stuff that have relationship with human body. For example, product design, furniture design and interior design. There are a lot more things to think about so we need serious face those function and scale. Type is also a really important words that because different types of thing need different type-need which is different type of design. Different types of furniture requires different human scale and different function. Table has unique function makes the scale being different. Those couple words have strong relationship to each other. Also the third story tell us that everything is actually serve for human. So do not mass up the relationship. Some designer think that other people should follow the product or art he design. Never forget that product is always serve for human, otherwise there is no meaning to create or produce the art. As a design should be really clearly understand this relationship

What’s the relationship between human scale and human function?

How to define decoration art?

How can we understand crime at different way?

Ornament make people different?

Is designer’s idea more important than customer?

What’s the own definition of decoration art?


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