Object as Self

In this project, we are using an object as a metaphor for personal exploration often take us somewhere extraordinary in terms of understanding ourselves and how we relate to the world. The design of object have numerous factors which might influence our choice: shape, size, color, form, texture, function. All can unlock a fascinating journey though self-discovery if we pursue some or all of these formal elements and our reasoning behind them.

My object is a chair, for me this is a really personal object, it kept me accompany for 13 years but I couldn’t bring it to New York , so now looking back at the picture of it, it just brings back everything about my room, my parents, my memories wether good or bad ones. That’s why I really enjoyed the process, it’s something that I wanted to do long ago.


The original photo of my chair

As for our works, we were supposed to do 3 images that represent different times of day or seasons or  3 different emotions.

I decided to do all, because this chair just means so much for me, I sit on it whatever mood I was, I sit on it whatever the season it was,  I sit on it whenever it’s day or night, it’s everything to me








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