sound art work


My topic on this project is the solitude in a tumultuous world. I tried to show the difference between the “alone time” and “social time” by controlling the quantity of sound showing at the same time. For the overall duration, the alone part is 15 seconds longer than the social part. I think this distribution didn’t really highlight the contrast. To make a multi-layer structure seems better. As for the pattern, it acts as the most important part to control the volume of each sound. I set multiple turning points to balance the volume of the sounds.

I found some really cool sound effects in Premiere, which were used on the singing parts. They created amazing echo effect and radio effect.

Drawings for my sound art
My sound piece starts with the wind blowing sound. Then the voice appears, talking, crying and singing. The complexity for this part is quite low, with no more than 3 sound playing at the same time. But after the transition part, both the volume and complexity is lifted to a top level. The background music in the bar creates the atmosphere for this part. And there’re many kinds of sound playing together, such as the clinking glasses, chatter and laughter. These sounds all disappear together in the end as soon as we hear the door closed.


Drawings for Joe Zawinul’s “Arrival in New York”
This sound piece starts with the musical instruments, and it keeps playing as the overall atmosphere. The volume is relatively at the same level at first, but then it comes to a duration of silence. After the silence, the volume is lifted to a higher level. And for the complexity, there is many small wiggles in the first part, which is created by the various noise in city. The instrument gives some continuous tune  which lasts for a long time. It serves as the beginning together with the ending.

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