Time lapse

A short explanation of the project

In the theme of decay, I decided to burn a paper heart in order to show how love/passion/faith decays. At that moment, I happened to experience a relationship filled with lie and betrayal. This unusual experience gave me a new recognition of how fragile love could be when time lapse. One special moment is that this video was presented at the Valentine’s Day, which made it more unique and ironic.

How and in what ways you used Premeire?

The raw material I had was 130 photos, some audio files I recorded, and an opening video I made with photoshop. I used premiere to put the photos together, make them a fluent video by adjusting the speed and transition. Then I added the audio files, using premiere to change the volume to create a natural daily life sense.

What you learn in the project and how you might use this in the future?

In this project, I learned some simple editing skill, video effect and sound effect. Also I learned how to add beautiful subtitles.

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