The collection: Illustrations and Print Design

Title and statement

Sparkle stand out

In New York, you’ll be able to see the sparkles of all kinds of amazing ladies. No matter it’s upper east side or downtown Brooklyn, they can always surprise you with their bold clothing style. In this urbanized city, it’s a dream for girls to stand out and shine their true self. The wildness inside them makes great impression on people. Their powerful souls are able to create a miracle world—— the queens’ world.

Collection of illustration

Final print


Supporting pattern designs and key process



My research topic is <The differences of clothing between upper east side and downtown>.

“It’s very common to see elegant women walking around carrying their “it” bags. And talking about “it”, the residents love to wear designer clothes, shoes and accessories.”

This quote is talking about the dressing style of the upper east side that includes the choices of luxury items and designer brands. In my design I want to involve both the symbol of upper east side and downtown. The silk dress is a representation of this part.

“And, just like the Upper East Side residents exhale the neighborhood’s glamor, the Williamsburg inhabitants reflect its modernity, and they display a casual, alternative and fashion-forward style.”

This quote is about the style of the Williamsburg inhabitants. They tend to dress in a more casual but fashion-forward style. So I used some informal but bold designs.

Narrowing a theme is not difficult as soon as I have a general direction. First I decided to do a topic that reflects fashion identity. Then I considered in what occasion people’s identity can be contrasted clearly. I looked back to my memories of the TV shows I used to watch and then I thought of how people described the fashion style differently in Gossip Girl. With this direction, my sub-themes for seminar was determined.

After that, when I began to choose a theme for this sub-theme in studio class, I focused on the different way how fashion expresses contrast. To simply put the different style together may not have a good effect, so I decided to combine the two styles together. In this case, the elements will create a interesting competition, a conflict.

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