Sparkle stand out(studio final project)


This dress is based on my illustrations and print design——sparkle stand out. I’m always passionate about evening dress, and this time I involved part of fashion-forward element with formal evening dress. I used my print design——the marvelous street lights in New York, to embellish the dress. For the rest part, I used eggplant silk charmeuse to form a  graceful, mysterious dress. In the front part I added some black organza as a special design.



Final photos



The main connections between studio and seminar is that both of the topics are related to New York. The research did influence making a little bit, since it’s about art development in New York. I read several interviews of successful artists in New York and got to know how they considered New York as a capital city for art. Also I was influenced by their spirit of being reckless, free and rebellious. So I added these elements on my dress. But the making didn’t influence research much.


This project is definitely based on my own personality and aesthetics. Thus I decided to model for this dress and the style perfectly fitted my temperament. For the future researching I may try to explore a completely different style. To learn from the characteristics of other artists.

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