Intro to fashion- Post 5

Topic: For your last LP Post of the semester, I would like you to reflect on the question what is fashion? which you were originally asked to answer in Week One. How has your understanding of fashion changed since the beginning of the semester? Give one or two specific examples to explain your answer. Your example(s) can come from anywhere, but support them with at least one quote from a class reading.


In week one, we were also asked “what is fashion”, and my answer back then was that fashion was popular collection of clothes worn by people. After our fashion study through this semester, I’m now aware that fashion is a grand system of communication with society that explains what we are.

In terms of individuality, fashion takes an important role of expressing people’s cultures, beliefs, experiences and professions. In The Dressed Body, Entwistle discussed that our ways of being in the body are crucially shaped by the social practices of our culture. (Entwistle 138) For example,

As it is said in Fashion and Culture, fashion can express gender, race, class, age, nationality and so on. All these characteristics together

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