Project 3: Mulan

Description of project

My final project will be about the future film Mulan (2020). The whole project includes a website, poster, billboard, subway ads, social media (facebook, twitter, ins), online banners and merchandises. The project aims to help with marketing and branding. It will be not only based on the new movie but also on the old legend, existed Mulan films or series and Disney’s 1998 animated film of the same name.

Background information

The upcoming American war drama adventure film is adapted from Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. Hua Mulan is a heroine who joins the army to protect her old father. The oldest record for her is the ballad of Mulan. In this ballad, Mulan is a good and brave girl caring for her family. She is not born of heroic spirit but she tries her best when there is a need. After the war, she refuses her reward and asks for going home. Until today, there is no evidence whether Hua Mulan is a real person or not but she is undoubtedly one of the most famous female modes in Chinese culture.

The oldest movie adapted from this legend appears in 1926 and it is actually based on the Beijing Opera of the same story. The modern movies or tv-series about Mulan appear after 1964. Among them, the 1998 Disney movie is an animation and it turns Mulan into an alternative princess. The new Disney movie will be acted by real people but it is still adopted by the 1998 Disney movie.


The audience for this movie will be children, feminists, and Asian culture lover. Action movie lovers may also be attracted due to the kung fu scenes in this movie.


My goal for this project is to deliver the core idea of this story and to appeal to the target audience. The project aims to show the charm of the girl power and Chinese culture, narrow the cultural gap and improve communication.

Style and inspiration

The design will take the 1998 film as a reference. The main colors will be black, red, and yellow. Traditional elements like dragon, sword or hand fan should be used in the design. The elements in this design should show the beauty of so-called femininity and masculinity.

What aspects will you find challenging?

Right now Disney only publicizes the first look of Mulan and the list of the cast. It will be challenging to create all the material for the project.  I need to find elements from other movies or animations. What is worse is that it is hard to decide which elements to use. I have read the cast list and I am sure this story will be different from the 1998 movie and probably the original legend. Some elements may be totally irrelevant to the new story.

What aspects are you looking forward to?

It should be fun to create social media content. Thanks to wreck it ralph 2, we now know the official outfits for traditional and modern Mulan. There are also many fan-made images inspired by this movie online. I suppose they will be good references.

look and feel:

Chinese, passionate, charm, rebellious

Chinese: the colors are typical Chinese colors and the weapon like sword and spear are all traditional Asian weapons.  One of my poster uses traditional fine art in graphic design.

passionate: The image I choose shows ambition and passion. I also uses fire effects to show it.

charm: The image I choose shows the so-called femininity and masculinity beauty. Mulan can show her female charm while she is a hero.

rebellious: The expression of the main star is rebellious and strong. The quote I chose also shows the rebellious spirit and courage to break the rules.

Mulan Logo and style sheets:

the whole project: Mulan presentation-1qlg1kd

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