Technology in regards to travel writing

As technology advances and humans become more creative in how to constantly reinvent the way they do things, travel writing flows through mediums such as journals to guidebooks to social media posts.

What started off as a way to jot down one’s experiences and explorations in a notebook is now translated through trendy pictures that we see as we scroll down our Instagram feeds. It has always been a way for us to record where we are and what we’re doing, and most of the time, we have wanted to share our travels with those around us, so in that sense, technology hasn’t changed much about why we travel write.

Technology has, however, lessened our intellectual status when it comes to travel writing because it requires less thinking, as does every other aspect of life that has progressed with technology. Travel writing is much more accessible now because it can be done with a click of a button or on our personal devices. It has become more personal throughout time because the things we record our travels on have become more ours i.e. a laptop, an iPhone, a journal, a camera.

As we learn more about technology and how to travel, it has become natural to document our experiences because we want to keep these things in memory forever, whether it be digital or handwritten. I mentioned in class that humans are conscious beings, so we intend to leave a lasting impression of our existence on this earth. And as technology progresses and the earth becomes more and more different than it is even today, it will become absolutely necessary to keep track of our experiences and travels.

We will find new mediums of recording them, whether it be recording lands for virtual reality sets to keep a memory of how the land looked like before it changed or maybe we will be able to venture out to other planets, so instead of exploring other countries and continents, we are exploring something otherworldly. Either way, technology is something that will always be developed, and humans will always learn to adapt with it, and so our travel writing will evolve as well.

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