Project 2:Drawing into Design


我在The Met博物馆看过这个盘子。一开始,我以为这是来自中国。由于植物上的图案,颜色是中国传统图案的青花瓷。但是,当我看到描述时,它显示的是它是来自法国的,但它正在使用中国图像来创建。所以我很惊讶。这个盘子制作于1971年,我很惊讶当时中国的图像已经向全世界展示,人们都喜欢和使用他们自己的东西结合起来。




Project 1: Sense of place

I chose cigars, mug, and sunglasses for this project. Because of my uncle, every-time I go back to China, he always asks me to bring some cigarettes to him, when I homesick, I always thought about my uncle, he always cooks my favorite food for me and taught me a lot of life experience want me to be a better person. My mom bought me this mug because she knows is not very easy to get hot water in the school, most of the people drink cold or ice water, but when the winter comes, a mug is very useful and easy to take. I think the sunglasses are a must have for the girls like me, sometimes I’m just too lazy to put on makeup or running late for school, and don’t want to show up with an embarrassing no makeup face, then, the sunglasses is a very good choice for me.

Space/Materiality: Into,Project:Wire


1.The reason why I choose to be my object. On one hand, this pair of shoes was designed by Phoebe Philo, who was the designer of Celine before. On the other hand, the fabric and texture of this shoes look basically the same as “Huili”, which is a Chinese brand with a long history.

2. This type of shoes is attributed to the  shoes of sports. From where I stand, it’s the one that can show my identity of student obviously. In general, students have to wear sneaker, running shoes at school in China.

3. Line quality is determined by orientation, direction, degree of continuity and material.

4. To make wire loop very tight.

5. I will add more details in this artwork to show the structure of this shoes more clearly, such as cross line, more wire.