project 3: perspicere- To see Through

home is a place where I can relax.

home is a place where I can put all my upset.

Is a place I will spend my hold life to guard.

My project is about my memory and love of my family. My first artwork is of the house that I’m living in, and in my second artwork, I changed it to be movable. This means that I hope that my house can be moved, just like how I wish my family in China can move here. I wrote “family” in Chinese since my fellow classmates gave me this suggestion.

I used red to represent the family in China, and blue as in family in America. It symbolizes my hope and memories, and also means that both of these families are a part of me.

project1:Abstract Artifact

my final object it is pipa. I don’t think many people know this thing very well so I want to show this to other people. From structurally I will change them from but I won’t do a really big change I will make sure that people will know this is pipa. I using the Brass sheet, copper sheet, wood, cardboard, wire, thread. The object is 5 inches wide 10 inch high. I use wood to be the main branch. And using the cardboard to make the main body and using thread to connect each cardboard.the copper sheet inlay the wood. And wire in the middle of the copper sheet and wood to make sure wire don’t move. And I think for this object I should do more to make it abstract. And I do more work on the wood but I think I do a good job on the sewing cardboard. It is a Chinese traditional instrument so if people find my object they can from the appearance to try to understand what is this.