Space/Materiality Proj3: Performative Object

Space/Materiality, Performative Object:

Time: During lunch time 12:30

Site: First floor in the University center

Relation: The new school student using Instagram a lot so when they see this Instagram board they can got some ideal from my work.

Title of your piece: Instagram board

Date: 12/12/2018

Approx. Dimensions of object:28 inch*22 inch

Materials List:Cardboard, Mirror paper, Wood,Thread

Date and duration of performance (total time you spent performing)

I spend 3min for performance.

Video link:

I hang the cardboard in front of me. I will take the initiative to go to people to show me my work and explain why I am doing this work.


My ecological issue is People are too addicted to themselves in social networks and forget their true self. Then I made an Instagram board. I put the mirror paper. People can see themselves, to help them realized without the photograph without social networks the real them are the best. I choose the First floor of the University Center. Because in the new school I believer that each student all have Instagram so my performance would catch people’s attention. And make them think about the intention under my object. When people get curious about the meaning of my object, I would explain to them that it is vital to focus more on the inside of yourself, your true self.We should not care too much about other people’s judges. Just be who you are, when you appreciate the real side of yourself, other people would like you as well. I carried the object on my body to make it as an extension of my body. My performance aimed to make people pay more attention to the real inside of me instead of my appearance. After doing this project, I start to observe if this problem has begun to be solved in the environment. I also start to care more about people’s responses to this problem. It is my first time performing in front of the public. I felt really awkward in the beginning. I was afraid to show people my project. I felt upset when some people refused to see my work and walked away. However, I did not give up, and some people became interested in my work and were willing to listen to my presentation, I felt pleased. I really hope my performance would catch people’s attention and make them think about the problem on themselves.


Project 5: Drift

For this project in the beginner I want to draw a family tree to show the people each step I do. But then I found if I trying to do a family tree it’s is so diffculty to clear for people. And also it’s is a lot of work for me if I trying to drawing all things in this five years.

Then I see those three picture I got the ideal from this three picture. You can see inside of people they all made by pice, and when all the pices combine together it is make the person.

So this is give me my map ideal, I can collect all picture from this five years. And I will choses one picture I take this year to show the right now, so the piture I use to be back ground it is mean those year those “me”- make me grow up, made me to be better me right now.

It is a map of my life to show each step of my life.

My final work:

My ideal board:

Three reference images:

Space/Materiality FY Workshop Report

I went to the work shop Soft Sculpture History & Techniques At 11/27/2018.

The professor showed us three different types of sculptures. First one is Wrapping the Materials are: Fabric strips, wire, Scissors and Needle nose pliers. Seconded one is Coiling the materials are: cord, fabric strips,scissors. The last one is Weaving, Plaiting, Knotting, Macrame, Brading the materials are: Fabric strips, Wire, Needle,Thread, scissors, Chipboard, Metal sheets,Awl, Needle nose pliers. We only try the Fist one and Seconded one.

This is work I made in the class:

This work shop it is very usefully for me. When you play with those materials it’s really make you to make some new things. You can look form the picture I was made two different object one is wire with Farbire srtips and beacause it is wire so I can change the from really easy, And the second one is the professor teach us winding technology to made thread and Farbire together, it’s really fun It’s my first time to made. And professor ask us play with those than I put two thing together it’s a different thing. Made soft sculpture it’s so fun.

A Map is Not the Territory…

For my map, I want to create my life map. In this map to show what happened about my and my each important life step. What I  be changed and how I facing each life step. I am from Shanghai, and I spend already five years for study in America. Before I come to America I don’t have I good relationship with my family. When staying too far from home it’s changed my relationship with my family we all both more care about each other.

So I want to draw the tree like a family tree but this tree it’s showing my own life it’s my life tree. And I gonna put some important thing about my life put in my life map tree.  So the mao can show people when they looked at they can know what things happening.

sketchbook ideal board