Project 5: Drift

For this project in the beginner I want to draw a family tree to show the people each step I do. But then I found if I trying to do a family tree it’s is so diffculty to clear for people. And also it’s is a lot of work for me if I trying to drawing all things in this five years.

Then I see those three picture I got the ideal from this three picture. You can see inside of people they all made by pice, and when all the pices combine together it is make the person.

So this is give me my map ideal, I can collect all picture from this five years. And I will choses one picture I take this year to show the right now, so the piture I use to be back ground it is mean those year those “me”- make me grow up, made me to be better me right now.

It is a map of my life to show each step of my life.

My final work:

My ideal board:

Three reference images:

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