Responses to the interview questions.

  1. I am afraid of ghosts.
  2. When I am afraid I open the lights and watch something that makes me happy.
  3. When I am happiest I laugh
  4. The thing that I cannot forget is the times when I used to go with my parents to travel back home every Chinese new year. But when I am in America I don’t get to do so.
  5. The most important thing that I would like to do is to make money.
  6. What I like most is spending money.
  7. I like spending the weekend watching the TV show or hanging out with friends going to play mojo or go to KTV
  8. My idol is accretion pop star whose name is Huro, he has a group called Huko.
  9. My favorite toy was a basketball as I used to play basketball while I was young.
  10. I don’t have a specific favorite TV show but I was a number of them.


The above questions selected would bring the experience of the student as they revolve around the life of an individual. The items featured by the questions are among the daily activities done by an individual. The questions also range from childhood activities to the current way of life of an individual. For instance, on the childhood activities ” My favorite toy was basketball as I used to play basketball while I was young”. The questions also touch on the personal characters of an individual, and the emotions of the individual. Through the question is able to know how a classmate reacts to given situations especially when terrified like “When I am afraid I open the lights and watch something that makes me happy”.  This shows how one deals with emotions such as anxiety in life. It is therefore an indication that the individual is able to cope up with discomforting situations and moments in life in a positive manner. The questions used also touched the areas that interested me and answering them would not be a problem as I will be willing the answer them. The questions enable me to describe and let out my fears and how I can deal with such a situation “I am afraid of ghosts”. They also help bring out how I spend my free times and weekends.  They also show the kind of a person is, that is either a social or antisocial person.

From the interview, one can learn that people originate from different backgrounds, the kind of activities being done. The responses also show the kind of priorities and the ambitions of the individual interviewee. This is indicated by the answer whereby she indicated that she has liked spending more money. It also brings out responsibility as the individual is ready to make money perhaps to replenish the ones lost “The most important thing that I would like to do is to make money”. From the fact that the interviewee likes spending money, it can mean that he or she is a spend thrift and therefore needs to get skills on how manage the money at the he or she makes to ensure that the money made help are sustainable and are spent in development activities. In general, the respondent knew all almost all the information. From the experience of my classmates, I learned different ways of lifestyles that one can be used to. I also learned that one should be always responsible to ensure that activities being done run smoothly. This comes from the fact that the respondent in the interview finds ways of making money, managing anxiety and also indulges in positive activities during the free the time or rather the weekends. It also emphasized on the part of socialization and the interviewee had time to socialize with friends hence portraying him as a social person and hence this is an indication of a good person.

From the way, the interviewee talked there a way the ability to choose the kind of materials to record the information in. The different platforms include writing down the responses on paper and also doing the recording. However, due to limited time, the recording was the most effective and can do the whole thing in a very short time.  From the recording medium was used to the efficiency of the method in reducing the time spent in doing one interview so as to accommodate other individuals also. The ease of access to the data obtained from the interviews as it can also be retrieved easily. The method also prevents data loss which would occur if other methods would occur. Moreover, the information can be accessed well even by those who are challenged by sight in that they can’t read properly or are blind. This work contains the experiences of the interviews. For the instance the day he can’t forget whereby he says “The thing that I cannot forget is the times when I used to go with my parents to travel back the home every Chinese new year. But when I am in America I don’t get to do so”.

Brooklyn Museum_Mini-task

From my point of view, this painting I feel is full of strong Mexican style. The colors are full of sharp contrasts and the characters are very clear. This is my first time to contact Mexican culture but I especially like their color style. The contrast of colors creates a sharp contrast and bold colors. I want to express my preferences and my blessings to her as my parther’s items.

week 04: historical self

1. What is your greatest fear?

I still remember that time, when I was in primary school. When I opened the door, the cold air and darkness of the room came over me. It was another night, and my parents were at work again. Open the cold refrigerator is cold, fortunately, this time is no longer dark, the refrigerator light in my face. I took out the frozen dishes and put them in the microwave. The light of the microwave seemed to be heating me and gave me some warmth. In the dark, I felt too weak to see hope

2. Which living person do you most admire?

I don’t know how you feel about your dad. Tall, handsome, these are not the words I used to describe my father. In my eyes, my father is hard-working, ambitious and modest. My father is my study target. He has been my guide. I think my father has been very successful at his age, but he is still learning and improving himself. Whenever I return home. No matter how busy he is, he always finds time to cook a meal for me, chat with me and analyze my problems from different perspectives. It made me feel like my father. This is what I admire.

3. What is the quality you most like in a man?

When you first see the person, the first impression is very important. Many of my friends have told me that they want to find a handsome boyfriend, so that they will not be angry as long as they look handsome when they quarrel. Now people, are too impetuous. The first glance is important, but I think self-discipline and filial piety are the most needed qualities for a boy. Self-discipline can see that he is on their own requirements are not casual people. Filial piety, in my opinion, must be good to their parents.



Critical Design readings_Mini-task

The critical design opposite is affirmative design: design that reinforces the status quote.

It is more of an attitude than anything else, a position rather than a method.

Use a lot of different ways to make people think. Between art and design.

People think is untrue is negative.

It’s also a tool can change.

Access to wider and ence.

provocation to think outside box.

impact of technology

Social change



Week 03: ways of seeing

After school, I took the subway home as usual. I was Listen to the music, my eyes started watching the door to observe people. There is a plastering foot that appeared in front of my eyes and came to my opposite position, a man wearing a black tight-fitting sweatshirt. And he wears a sporty Bluetooth headset on his ear, a black sports bag on his hand looks really heavy. From the tights, I can clearly see his eight fast abdominal muscles and Muscles on the arm. On such a cold day, he only wears a sweatshirt. It seems that his body is particularly good. The subway is on the station, although his foot is hurt, he still goes very fast.

From his body and clothes, I guess he may be is a Fitness coach. Because he is exercising in the gym every day, he has a very perfect body. The sports bag in his hand may contain fitness materials, protein powder to be used after fitness, and towels. But I also have another guess. How did he get to work when his feet were hurt? Can he teach the guests like this? So I guess he might be an ordinary white-collar worker. But he is very concerned about his body, so he is working out every day. Maybe he accidentally injured his foot in the gym today. Of course, these are my personal opinions and can’t be taken seriously.

When I read the article “Ways of seeing”  I really agree with these centers “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe” This sentence made me resonate. For example, when I watched strangers on the subway, my thoughts and guesses were based on what I saw. There is an old saying in China called “seeing is believing” that’s mean all the thing we should see it then we can believe. This is just proved how seeing affected our believe. When we see one thing or one person In the first reaction, you will generate ideas in your mind based on what you see. People are always more willing to believe what they see in front of us.


list note: Foot injury/Sportswear/Sports backpack



Week 02: Notes to Self

To my “past” self:

Dear Olivia:

Hi, the little girl, when you see this letter, you will be particularly curious and surprised, who will write this letter to you. You certainly don’t believe that I am the one who knows you the most. I know all your little secret. I know right now you were fighting with your parents, you don’t want to come to America, you think you have all your friends in China, and your English is not really good you were so afraid to go to a new country. You can’t image how you are going to live in America; you think you will hate your parents. But trust me you will change your mind, and you will thank your parents to make you do this decision. Why? Because there are have a lot of different things and people in the world if you don’t go out to see you never going to grow up. You need to trust yourself even you going to go to the new country, you will make a lot of friends and everything will have a solution you are amazing.

To my “future” self:

Dear Olivia:

Hi the older me, I am the younger you. Don’t throw the letter; this is not Fraud confidence. I know when you were my age you want to be a fashion designer, and open your own company. Do you realize your dream now? Or you already change your dream? Nevermind I just want to you know that don’t be shy to ask other people to help you, Be sure to go home and see your parents. I understand that you are having a lot of pressures from school, friends and other stuff, and you might feel disappointed about yourself sometimes, but remember, your family will always be proud of you and support you whenever you need them. They love you as much as you love them. Trust yourself and don’t leave any regrets. Good luck!


When in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces I will be nervous, and I will drink a lot of water. If I want to share a memory, I will tell a story. This piece of work the water sound makes me feel calm, like when I nervous I will drink a lot of water.