1. what is the story told in each video?

The first video is a very famous cartoon I never watching this cartoon before but this short video gives me an idea it is really fun to make me really like it.

The second video it’s a lot of video cut put together it is really bright the music also shows that.

The third video for my understanding I think it is a Stop motion animation each picture all really colorfully really got people’s attention from the first eyes.

2. how is the story constructed? is it linear? non-linear? 

The first one it’s linear it is a cartoon telling the story, the second one I think also it is linear the topic it’s showing a funny style, the third one I think it is non-linear, it’s like a lot of pictures put together.

3. Are there any similarities amongst them?

The similarities are each video all really watchable, people all really like.

4. Any differences

The differences are each video all different styles, from the different year the way to make also really different.

The GIF Elevator:

1. how these installation pieces made you feel?

These installation pieces made me feel really mysterious and hard to guess.

2. Did you have a strong reaction to one in particular? describe your experience/how it made you feel

The one I have a strong reaction one it is the one in the museum elevator, the purple man’s body moves through the three screens in a particularly soft form. Makes me feel very mysterious.

Week 08: artful replica

Original myth:

Graffiti “police”

There are graffiti you can see everywhere in New York. These graffiti seem to be particularly beautiful and colorful. Many tourists like to take photos with these beautiful graffiti, but they don’t know the meaning behind these graffiti. Today in the 21st century, there are still many wicked people in the world. These people, the ordinary police cannot bring them to justice. They are very rich and some have very right. At this time we need to graffiti “police” to appear, I believe you have seen the Avengers know how they all suppress the bad guys, graffiti “police” and they are almost the same. Graffiti “Police” is a college student in an ordinary art school. No one knows what he looks like, no one knows what he is calling, and no one knows if he is really at an art university. We only know that he is everywhere. He can see all the secrets you want to hide, even if you hide it deep, he also can find any clues. He has a particularly magical pen, so don’t underestimate this pen. This pen can do a lot of things that you didn’t expect. You can’t wash the graffiti drawn with this stroke, and you can’t cover it. These graffiti are the eyes of the graffiti “police”, and he can know what you are doing through these graffiti. These graffiti are also full of vitality, once he finds that you are thinking about or preparing to do something bad. These graffiti will tell all the graffiti to stare at you and understand your plan. The graffiti “police” will collect evidence of enough crimes and send them to the police to let the police send you in jail. Even if you have more money, you have the right to fight against this criminal evidence. Because everyone didn’t know what he looked like, he didn’t know what he was calling, so everyone called him a graffiti “policeman.” Be careful, he is looking at you.

week 07: the x of xx

A Blessed Daughter

I am XX’s daughter. I am the one she always talked about in front of others. When I was the child I did not pay attention to how she looks at me and notices me but when I grew up I feel that my mother is the one who really gives extra care to me among other children. As time passes I felt that she silently looks at her all children but the way she looks at me is the most special one. Whenever I get upset I look at her and when I find her looking at me I seriously feel serenity. Why would I talk about my father or my siblings? I’m telling the story of a daughter. My father and siblings do not have time to sit with me and talk about anything because they are too busy in their lives. But my mother, the only being who sit with me for a long period of time. I and my mother sometimes seem to be alone in our house. I do not feel anything for any other member of my family but as a daughter, I feel deep connectivity, emotional attachment, and love for sure.

Two years back there was a night I felt like watching a movie with someone. My mind just clicked the picture of my mother and I rushed to my mother’s room and she was sleeping. When I opened the door, she woke up with the door’s voice and asked what do you need? I said movie Mom. After 15 mins she and I were watching and enjoying my favorite movie. This much she loves me. I have all grown up now and at this time I can never imagine doing anything without her advice. I am all set up to follow her.    

Assignment BRIDGE 2 : Contestational Artifacts

I designed mahjong for my partner. Mahjong has a lot of different ways of playing and there are different ways to win this game. Play Mahjong when you win this game you have a bonus. The combination of different mahjong allows you to win different amounts. The combination I made is the combination of the most money won in Mahjong and is what my partner wants to have every time. At first, I wanted to make a mahjong keychain for her, but others couldn’t understand the fun of mahjong, so I changed my mind. The mahjong I designed for my partner is a blessing that I hope she can get this combination every time. For those who have never played mahjong, they also easily know how to form the best combination. Will be interested in mahjong.

Week 06: relativity

Chelsea is one of my favorite New York neighborhood that is so dear to me, and I enjoy spending most of the time there. The scenic places, public entertainment facilities, and restaurants are the areas that attract me when I am not busy; I enjoy visiting Chelsea market that is located in a restored historic factory. A marketplace is an ideal option for a variety of shopping and dining options that include fish maker, wine store and bakeries. One thing that makes me like this place so much is the diversity of people as well as the products sold in this market. Whenever I walk around in this market, I enjoy interacting with different people as I search for various items from the market which can rarely miss, the place has remained an outstanding place for me as manifested by endless trips that I have made to this place over the recent past.

Located at the est side of the borough of Manhattan with its boundaries being roughly 14th street hot the south, this new York neighborhood is also located at the Hudson River and west street to the West. My first visit to this place was in the last three years; I had gone with my parent to visit one of their old time friend who resided in this New York City neighborhood, after the visit we decided to have a walk around this area. One of the most important things that stuck into my memories are essentially the unique shapes of houses along the west 19th and 23rd streets. The houses communicated to me much more of the different culture of the people living here and the diversity that is embraced by the communities living here. The decorative lighting on buildings also stole my attention during the first time visit, and this makes up memories of this place.

During the visit, I was able to meet different types of people that included the black American, Africans, Latinos and people of Asian origin and this just gave me a hint on how social diversity was the key element in this area. As I walked by I met a guy who had lost directions, and upon talking to him, we got to know each other and that we shared the same residence although we did not know each other previous to the meeting. Since then we have always been good friends. The linking for this place is growing bigger and bigger as evidenced by the number of trips that I have made to this area since I got to know it. It is one of my best places to visit outside of New York City.

Here is a list of ten details that I remember most about this area.

1.    The lighting of the houses: this helps me to have a clearer picture of the area whenever I think of it.

2.    Presence of different communities helps me to remember this area through its social inclusion.

3.    The presence of a variety of commodities in the market helps me to see a diversified market.

4.    Empty spaces give me a clearer picture of this area.

5.    Unique shapes of houses give me a picture of cultural diversity in the area.

6.    Presence of big markets helps me to remember this area as a commercial center,

7.    Museums in the area help me to remember this area as one with a lot of history on people

8.    Different restaurants give me feel of a different culinary experience in this area.

9.    Trees in the area give a fresh memory of the place

10.    Entertainment facilities help to remember this place as an attraction to merry lovers.