1. what is the story told in each video?

The first video is a very famous cartoon I never watching this cartoon before but this short video gives me an idea it is really fun to make me really like it.

The second video it’s a lot of video cut put together it is really bright the music also shows that.

The third video for my understanding I think it is a Stop motion animation each picture all really colorfully really got people’s attention from the first eyes.

2. how is the story constructed? is it linear? non-linear? 

The first one it’s linear it is a cartoon telling the story, the second one I think also it is linear the topic it’s showing a funny style, the third one I think it is non-linear, it’s like a lot of pictures put together.

3. Are there any similarities amongst them?

The similarities are each video all really watchable, people all really like.

4. Any differences

The differences are each video all different styles, from the different year the way to make also really different.

The GIF Elevator:

1. how these installation pieces made you feel?

These installation pieces made me feel really mysterious and hard to guess.

2. Did you have a strong reaction to one in particular? describe your experience/how it made you feel

The one I have a strong reaction one it is the one in the museum elevator, the purple man’s body moves through the three screens in a particularly soft form. Makes me feel very mysterious.

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