Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design

For this bridge project, I choose Chanel to be my topic. The brand Chanel is more than a brand as it represents independent and strong women through the inspirations of its founder, its design style and its social impact. So for my artifact, I decided to make black women tie with camellia.  I choose black silk to make the tie, in one hand it represents the Coco Chanel is an independent and strong woman who was made the first Women’s overalls in the world. In another way is I want to commemorate Karl Lagerfeld,He also paid a lot for this brand, making the brand more youthful, raising awareness and allowing Chanel to reach a new height. The brand has a large social impact. Also, the price is not cheap. So I chose silk as my main fabric. I want to make people feel this my artifact related to Chanel when people see in the first time, so I add camellia.

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