Bridge 4:Studio2

Hi everyone my name is Olivia, my major is fashion design. I come from Shanghai, China. Have you ever had this kind of idea, every time arrive a new season to feel oneself seem to have no clothes to wear, but clearly have a lot of old clothes of last year in the closet, buy new clothes and have no place to put then how should do. I am really interesting about now we have a lot of clothing brand, They produce a lot of clothes every season. I wonder what these brands will do with these old clothes that can’t be sold.

In the seminar, I am researching on how does fast fashion affect the environment. Through the investigation, I found that fast fashion brands do great harm to the environment. They will sell the over-produced clothes to consumers by way of discount in the season change, but even then they cannot sell all the clothes. Some brands burn unsellable clothes.

In the studio, though I do the research in bridge 3 I see a lot of artist use different format to show how they thought the fast fashion affect the environment I was impressed. Their works can be divided into two categories: one is to let you see how much clothes you waste, and the other is to transform old clothes. However, I want my works to be seen by people, and they will not only be forgotten after seeing them for a while but can be used forever. So I decided to make clothes recycling bin. When others see it, they can throw in what they don’t need or take what they need from it. In the process of making it, I wanted to make it into humanoid garbage can at first, but I failed due to time constraints, so I tried my best to find the garbage can I am using now. Then I made a garbage cover, using all the leftover materials and clothes I did not wear to reorganize it, and also implemented a recyclable purpose. If I have more time to do this project I will make a big trash bin by myself and put more clothes on it.

process photo:

Final piece:


put in public;




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