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For the first part of the project, there were a few problems on the first part of self-portrait. The first thing is the drawing was not dark enough, and I should have put more value on the hair part, and the other thing is because I didn’t wear glasses so I lost some details and also the drawing does not like me at all. For the second part of the self-portrait, I made a collage by using the repetition of the snowman’s head and a picture of ice made building which presents my hometown. There is also a candle and the picture of me smoking. This means that I am still like a child even though I am smoking. For the third part of the self-portrait, I tried to make it as detailed as I could. This turns out a little bit different because the paper is a little bit yellow and this made my drawing looks warm, which is not bad because of it kind of matches with the candle and seems like old and vintage feeling.

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