For the first part of the project, there were a few problems on the first part of self-portrait. The first thing is the drawing was not dark enough, and I should have put more value on the hair part, and the other thing is because I didn’t wear glasses so I lost some details and also the drawing does not like me at all. For the second part of the self-portrait, I made a collage by using the repetition of the snowman’s head and a picture of ice made building which presents my hometown. There is also a candle and the picture of me smoking. This means that I am still like a child even though I am smoking. For the third part of the self-portrait, I tried to make it as detailed as I could. This turns out a little bit different because the paper is a little bit yellow and this made my drawing looks warm, which is not bad because of it kind of matches with the candle and seems like old and vintage feeling.

Memoir Reflection

    I have learned how to think critically and what should and shouldn’t say when critiquing other’s works and also artistic thinking of how to make art professionally in Studio classes. In the seminar class, I learned more artists and read about them, which made me know more about what they are thinking and why they do art. Most importantly, I have learned the process of making arts and what those artists believe the art is. The seminar class helped a lot of thinking. I always write the artists’ name down during the class and look them up to see more of their artworks and why they do it, which helps me to think more about how should I do my project and how to think out of a box while doing projects. The topic in both studio and seminar class is the shift, by doing a project, I tried to present the meaning of transformation and how did my thoughts shift more deeply. By adding details to the different meaning, I learned and developed my ideas and understanding of shifting. The first project I did was a hand-shaped wax; this expanded my definition of memory, the interesting thing is that the memory it disappearing itself little by little because for this project, I couldn’t remember much details. It feels like before I could use a paragraph to describe the event happened to me, but now I can only use one sentence to describe. This explores the self by memorizing a particular event and present it abstractly.

Drawing: Project 1

I have learned more skills about drawing in pencils and charcoal. The charcoal is really hard for me to control. THe negative space drawing has improved my skill of outlining which is my weakness. My object is a candle and I think the glass part is really hard to be realistic, but I think I did a great job. The thing that I found doesn’t work is that I am bad at controlling the darkness of the drawing, there wasn’t enough contrast to show the flame burning on the candle. For future drawings, I will care more about the difference of darkness and take care more about outlining so that I could make the drawing more realistic.

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