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Pre-Field Trip Assignment

Class: Integrative Seminar

Assignment: Research information about a protest movement, and write an analysis explaining the goals, methods and outcomes of the movement against a system

Protest Movement: Anti War (about 1964-1975)

The anti war movement against the Vietnam War was sparked by the exposure of violence of war. It inspired a culture of songs, art, and systems during its time.

Goals: The anti war movement prime objective was to influence the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam War. Demonstrations of the protests mainly opposed American troops in Vietnam.

Methods: Protesters of the Anti War Movement of the Vietnam War were joined by Women Rights and Civil Rights advocators in demonstrations. Protests were also in forms of songs such as John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance. Art as well fostered with antiwar themes, quoting peace and love over war and violence.

Outcome: Because of the intensity of the anti war movement, the protests did eventually influence the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Drafting has also been protested, providing the U.S. army with less soldiers. Overall, the work of protest against a larger system being the government caused the creation of the system of anti war protest.

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