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Class: Soft Structures

Assignment: Create a container for a utensil with a moving part. The utensil cannot touch any of the walls of the container and the container must be collapsable. Create a pouch for the container.

Drawing the utensil and planning out the container:


Prototype of the Container:

My plan for my container was to hold the pill bottle with a wire cage-like structure and create a fabric sleeve that fits around the cage. This idea was modified to changing the shape from a box to a pill. I used molding mesh wire to create a base shape of a pill and hand sewed layers of pink and purple tulle. I later had to redo this process because the pill cage was too small for the pill bottle.


The final pill bottle cage:

Outer layer:

Instead of a fabric “sleeve” over the wire cage as my prototype showed, I changed the design of the outer layer to the shape of a candy wrapper.


I used a a shiny silk and clear vinyl for a “wrapper” look. I used an invisible zipper as a closure so it would be somewhat hidden. To keep the shape of a wrapper, I sewed in horse hair into the end seams of the  inner pink fabric. I then twisted the ends of the product and used super glue to keep the candy in shape.

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