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Bridge 4: Talking to Strangers

Class: Integrative Studio and Seminar

Assignment: Conduct an interview about your research topic

Below is my interview with Ken Chantarath and Jenna D’Ascoli. I chose to do a group interview to get more information about my topic since most of my questions ask about opinions. My two interviewees are both students at The New School and have the meal plan. I ask questions about the food specifically at the UC dining hall and their food preferences. I have discovered common issues within the food and the UC cafeteria while doing research. Some are food quality, food ┬ádiversity, and the cafeteria size.


Q: What kind of food do you eat? (At the cafe)
Jenna: I eat the veggie burgers and the sweet potato fries.
Ken: I usually get the smoothies, the burgers, and the sushi.
Q: What kind of food do you not eat?
Jenna: I don’t eat the sushi because I don’t trust how fresh the fish is.
Ken: I usually don’t get things that take too long to make or if there is a long line.
Q: What would you rather have at the cafeteria? What kind of foods do you want served there instead?
Jenna: I would want just better versions of the food already being served.
Ken: I want kind of more a wide variety of foods to chose from, for example asian food, because sushi just doesn’t cut it for asian food. Just because you have sushi doesn’t mean you have a diverse type of selection.
Q: What would you change about the UC cafeteria in general? It doesn’t have to be just about food.
Ken: I think that the cafeteria is just a really small space and there is not a lot of places to sit. And even when you sit, there are these really horrible wobbly tables that if you find one that isn’t you are considered a lucky person.
Jenna: Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Wobbly tables are a problem and the size of the cafeteria. Depending on what time you go, you can’t find a seat sometimes.
Q: Would you rather have the New School meal plan or cook on your own?
Ken: I’d rather cook on my own.
Jenna: I would also rather cook on my own.

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