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Seminar Storyboard

Class: Integrative Seminar 2

Assignment: Think of 5 keywords that describe and 5 images that convey your essay outline

Key Words:

  • Dining
  • Communal Spaces
  • Interaction
  • Design
  • Connections

Images and Outline:

  • The first image is the University Center Cafeteria. This image is the main topic of my essay and will be used in my thesis at the beginning of my paper. I will use the cafe and related interviewed research to ask more questions regarding a larger concept about human interaction.
  • The second image is of a table design and is paired with “communal spaces”. This next sequence of the essay outline is about design in space that people share.
  • The third image is of a crowd of people paired with the keyword “interaction“. In this section, I will use research about human interaction and how people interact with one another through close communication.
  • The next image is an image of a long table with multiple chairs. Here I will begin to connect communal space design with human interaction by researching what a successful design of space achieves. I may propose a table design similar to this image to be used in the UC cafe to generate a dining experience with a larger groups of people as opposed to single seating.
  • To conclude the essay, I used a photo of a group of friends from the show Friends┬ádining together. This image showing connections┬ábeing made from dining together and bonding is the goal of my essay. I will end with the argument that spacial design of communal areas are connected to affecting human interaction.

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