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Time Final

My Time final:

I created an abstract garment that fits on the shoulders of the body. The design of the garment illustrates the mindset of tranquility as a physical form.



I worked organically on this project, meaning that I allowed the design and process to flow naturally and grow naturally. My drawings explored natural shapes fitting on the body.

Final plan for garment:


  • Muslim used for the base/lining
  • Synthetic polyester

I chose a material typically used for lining because of the reflective and silky appearance. I could also get a large of this material as my garment required many layers.

I discovered that burning the edges of the fabric would keep it from fraying and added another dimension of texture that was fitting to the concept.


I began with assembling pieces that would be sewn on a base and used fabric manipulation techniques.

Assembling the garment:

I made a simple base made out of muslim so I could hand sew the pieces on to it.


To ruffle the sleeves, I sewed in an elastic band.

I added a lace up closure in the back so it would stay on the body.

Final Outcome:


The second portion of this project is a book documenting this project.

Binding the book:

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