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Dress Practice Interview

Interview Subject:


Jenna D’ascoli is a second year New School Student at Eugene Lang. Her main interest in study is environmental studies. Jenna and I became close friends over the year, we both mainly thrift our clothes and support sustainability. I was interested in interviewing her because she is from the Bronx, which is very different from where I am from. I also was curious on her way of thinking when it comes to dress and how she thinks others see it.


How do you pick what you are going to wear for the day?

First I look at the weather and then I think about my classes or how long my day is going to be. And also who I am going out with.


When putting together an outfit, what do you chose first/how? Do you start with a statement piece?

I don’t think about that. I don’t know, usually I start out with pants first. I think about the pants I want to wear. I think about comfort.


What is some of your favorite items?

My earrings, my piercings. I never take those out. But I like my piercings, I feel like it says something about me. I don’t really wear jewelry. I do wear my ankle bracelet, I love my anklet. I didn’t chose that out it was a gift, but it’s my favorite. Not really clothes, but my earrings and bracelet.


What made you chose these items? What do you think that says about you?

I think my earrings, since there aren’t like conventional, but like different. They are unique. So like if I’m walking with my hair back, you know, people can look at my earrings. Like do you have these? When I wear them, part of it is for me, part of it is for others to see.


What item do you wear the most?

I wear my earrings everyday because they are hard to take off. For clothing, a specific pair of jeans with the cutout, a rippy thing at my knee. I gravitate towards that a lot because I like how they fit and I like where they hit at my waist and my ankle. I feel like they make me look good. It’s for comfort and style.


What is the most expensive and what is the cheapest?

The jewelry. Everything else is mostly thrifted or gifted.


What do you try to say through your outfits?

Mostly that I like, not that I don’t care, but I don’t care about people or try thinking about of me. Laid back, confident. But simple also, because I don’t like too showy of things. So like plain things and stylish, I would like to say stylish but half the time no, half the time maybe.


When you dress do you think about dressing for you physical body?

Sure, I guess. If I try something on and it doesn’t look good on my body, I’m not going to get it. Like how it looks on the hanger is different how it’s going to look on you.


Summary of Interview:

In this interview, I learned a lot more about Jenna’s way of dress and the items in her closet. A lot of her mentality affects her dressing practice, like picking out certain items or what she wears the most. To elaborate, I asked Jenna questions that were trying to find what she valued the most and why. A lot of what Jenna values is her jewelry because of how she looks in them. Jewelry can be an impactful personalization to any identity and can say a lot about the person wearing it. I also asked questions to see if Jenna dressed for more herself or if there was anything she was communicating through her outfits. I think that most people consider how they will look to the public by what they are wearing and try to say something at some degree. We discussed this and how it related to us and what our outfits are saying. I concluded with asking about the physical body in relation to dressing, and feel the same about her answer too. When it comes to dressing the physical body, how the clothes fit and look on the form can influence a lot about how you feel about it.


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