My 4 personal items. The perfume is the same as my grandmother’s.

Baby necklace is from my senior year of high school and the pendant with the Virgin Mary was a gift from my mother.

An earring I received while working my first job in NYC at an Eddie Borgo sample sale.


I liked the circular composition so I chose to cut around the swirling earring and get rid of any sharp corners. I cut all the negative space out of my piece and left a layer of tracing paper along the back. I then covered the largest spiral with pages from a book and painted the smaller spiral with black and white acrylic paint. I covered the pendant, baby, and headless sculpture with toilet paper to create texture. The gold paint ties in with the yellowing pages of the book and the luminosity of the cellophane. I painted the perfume bottle sloppily to break up all the clean lines and collaged the book pages and red cellophane along the spiral to add color and segmentation to the piece.