For my photoshop collage I chose to work with the edible. The morning of the watercolor I bought three bright oranges on impulse to use as references during class. It wasn’t until I finished the painting that I remembered my friend had photographed me for her Time project with an orange smashed all over my face. This reminded me of the instagram user and visual artist @stephanie_sarley. In her videos, Sarley “fingers” and smashes fruit. She uses absurdity and humor to challenge how female sexuality is normally presented. I went in and searched for a video of hers with and orange and liked the way the blood orange contrasted with the rest of the purple and orange. To further push the concept of female sexuality, I included a hand diagram as a comical nod to the blood orange. I was unsure of which composition I wanted to present so I printed all four and asked the class what their thoughts on each was. Overall we decided that the first one was the strongest compositionally. The assignment was fun and allowed me to play around with collage on photoshop, which I haven’t been able to do since high school.