Time: Waiting

In total, I spend about 8 hours of my whole day waiting, either waiting for the subway, waiting to go home on the subway, waiting for a meal to get ready, and waiting for friends to meet up with me. In the morning I usually wait for the subway train for 10 minutes, and it takes 30 minutes to get from the subway stop to my classes and vise versa for when I go home, but on the way home I usually wait an extra 15 minutes waiting for the Q train to arrive. While on the way to my dorms I ordered a bagel which took 12 minutes, as I enter my dorm building I waited 5 minutes for the elevator to arrive at the lobby and another 4 minutes for the elevator to arrive at my floor. As I got into my dorm, I made plans with my friends to go to Little Italy, while finished getting ready I waited 3 hours for all of my friends to gather and exit the building. While at Little Italy, the subway ride was another 30 minutes, we waited 20 seconds at the stop light for it to turn green and another 20 minutes for food. While little things added up, a total estimate of 8 hours was wasted waiting for something, and this inspired me to resolve the issue of this wasted time, as on the train, I could do some readings, meditating, sketching, taking pictures, and just enjoying the moment and not to be too caught up with waiting.

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