reflection of travelling

In the this article “travelling”, Grace Paley’s mother refused to be segregated. She used her way to prove that place a line between different races and faiths is wrong and she made it. In my opinion, she succeed not only just because of the admirable firmness and courage of her, but also due to the fact that those who follow this rule don’t agree with the current situation in their subconscious mind. At that time, people were strongly effected by the society. No one wanted to be different, they afraid to be punished because of being different, as a result, they chose to follow the rules. At the same time, in this article people are proud of what Grace Paley’s mother did, to fight for the injustice and to be different. Maybe the driver tried to dissuade Grace Paley’s mother for a good reason. He didn’t want this young women with children to be different, even he knew she did the right thing. Maybe Grace Paley couldn’t make eye contact with this colored women for the same reason, she made the children to be different. It is too difficult to be different at that time. It had prices to do so and we couldn’t  and shouldn’t judge. At the same time this situation happens all the time, even at present. People would follow some rules which they don’t accept without aware of it.

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