1. When I am in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces, I always distract my attention to other thing, like I will go shopping, organize my room, or go to sleep. If those thing can not solve my sad or pain, I will cry and scream to express my emotion and then I will feel better.
  2. I will share a memory through drawing, because it is a silent way to express your emotion. It doesn’t need to let everybody know your story. It is a way to record the piece of your life.
  3. “From Hand to Mouth” in the exhibition that moves to me, because you cannot describe your feeling by mouth sometimes.  And you can express your feeling by a way which is only you can understand that.
  4. I think people cannot understand your artwork sometime. But the purpose of you create an artwork is for express your own emotion. So it doesn’t matter people can understand it or not. Painting is a way to record and review your life. Every artwork is special.


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