Notes to Self

To Iris in 2014:
Hi, I am Iris in five years later. I have some advice for you. I know you are very panic and experiencing depression right now. But I want to tell you everything will be better. Go to sleep earlier is good for your health. Don’t argue with your mom because you will hurt her heart. You will go abroad after a couple months later, the destination is Los Angeles. The weather in there just like your hometown, so don’t worry. And you will have a lot of friends there and you will go a lot of places, just be confident to face your future. You will fall in love with this new place. Also, you should treat everything around you with an ordinary heart, don’t be sad, and don’t be angry. The journey of your future will interesting.

To Iris in 2024:
Hi, this is Iris in five years before, I am so confused sometime and I have so many questions what to ask you. Did you achieve your goal? Did you find a good job? Are you go back to Los Angeles or China. Are you still heat New York just like me? There have so many questions I want to ask you, but the only thing I want is you can be happy all the time. But anyway, stay true to yourself, always feel happiness are around you. Don’t forget the important memory and thing in your life, those things are precious for you. And take care, remember to eat breakfast and go to sleep earlier.

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